Book review- Amulet vol 2

Amulet, Vol. 2: The Stonekeeper's Curse - Kazu Kibuishi

september 10-11

Summarry -In this thrilling sequel to AMULET #1: THE STONEKEEPER, Emily and her brother Navin head for Kanalis, a beautiful and mysterious city of waterfalls, where they hope to find the antidote for the poison that felled their mother. That cure lies in the eggs of a giant serpent atop Demon's Head Mountain, but the kids' archenemy, Trellis, is headed for the peak, too. A battle that will engulf all of Kanalis is looming. It's up to Em to triumph over evil while controlling the amulet's power . . . without losing herself


Her mother is still sick and Emily has to go find the fruit to cure her of the poison out of her and the elf king is trying to kill Emily and the stone is trying to take control of her and Emily is trying to resist it . Navin goes to the tree and the tree says that Emily is in danger . so Navin and the others are off to save Emily . Emily finds the fruit and the elves are on the way the amulet is trying to take control of her . at the end Emily's mom is alright and they are all going to stay together I loved this the art was beautiful can't wait to read the next one .