Grimm Fairy Tales Vol. 1

Grimm Fairy Tales Vol. 1 - Ralph Tedesco, Joe Tyler The Grimm fairy tale graphic novel was very interesting story wise but the art was very mature .red riding hood and you the know story but they all have a twist they all start with the main character and they end up finding this story book but red riding hood brining something to grandma she see's this guy who she was apparently doing something that only married people do and then she see's this other guy Chopping down a tree and he gives her this knife and ends seeing a wolf and she fallows the wolf back to her house she though is was the guy who gave her the knife but it was the other guy and she stabbed the other guy. The Cinderella story maybe my favorite it starts with this girl named Cindy and she is made fun by these girls she goes to this fairy tale lecture and then the story begins Cinderella has horrible step sisters and step mother and there is a ball and the step mother throws Cinderella into this cellar where Cinderella is surrounded by ghosts and she just wants it to stop so she sells her soul to a fairy godmother she wants to step mother and step sisters to pay for what they've done she goes to the ball and then she comes back the fair godmother tells her the prince is coming And what about the step sisters and mother well they are attacked and the prince and Cinderella live happy ever after. Hansel and gretel was an interesting story of a girl who runs away from her strict parents with her brother and they hitch a ride and they hear a very different story about hansel and gretel they run away and find this house and then Hasel is caged up and gretel has to do house work and as she tries to get the key she turns to this monster and well hansel ends up eaten the girl learns from they and goes home . Rumplstilsken is about a girl being pregnant and her boyfriend wants to get rid of it and she doesn't know what to do a lady comes up to her to tell her a story when a girls father tells a king that his daughter can spin gold the girl doesn't know what to do cause she can't and he said he would have her killed a dwarf hears her cries and helps her but she has to give him her first born child she agrees the king ends up marring her and she has the baby boy rumplestilskin comes back and she doesn't want to give it up so he tells her if she can guess his name she can keep her baby's he searches high and low and finds it but on the boy's thirteenth birthday he comes back looking different and curses the son so the girl learns children are important . Sleeping beauty this guy is told from this girl he likes to get some drugs from this guy this woman drops a story book and Brett reads it sleeping beauty is told about the curse and this servant likes her she is in a deep sleep but to be awaken the boy must truly love her or he will die so the servant goes to her and she wakes they are to be married but the princess is not into it and is with another guy and then this guy ends up dieing and the princess never is awoken again and Brett learns from that . The robber bridegroom two sisters fighting over a guy in the story is also about sisters but one sister is to get married and the other sister pushes her off the ledge and she ends up marring the prince and ends up being a meal . Legacy this one was my second favorite the story of the story book the girl finds it in this house when she is with her bother the book has power and it changes her town and finds this old guy who ends up being her brother wow .
All these stories were so cool but they were a little mature with the artwork alone all the girls breasts looked like balloons I don't think I will be continuing with the rest of the novels