Book Review : A heart in a body in the world Deb caletti

A heart in a body in the world - Deb Caletti

March 6-11

When everything has been taken from you, what else is there to do but run?

So that’s what Annabelle does—she runs from Seattle to Washington, DC, through mountain passes and suburban landscapes, from long lonely roads to college towns. She’s not ready to think about the why yet, just the how—muscles burning, heart pumping, feet pounding the earth. But no matter how hard she tries, she can’t outrun the tragedy from the past year, or the person—The Taker—that haunts her.

Followed by Grandpa Ed in his RV and backed by her brother and two friends (her self-appointed publicity team), Annabelle becomes a reluctant activist as people connect her journey to the trauma from her past. Her cross-country run gains media attention and she is cheered on as she crosses state borders, and is even thrown a block party and given gifts. The support would be nice, if Annabelle could escape the guilt and the shame from what happened back home. They say it isn’t her fault, but she can’t feel the truth of that.

Through welcome and unwelcome distractions, she just keeps running, to the destination that awaits her. There, she’ll finally face what lies behind her—the miles and love and loss…and what is to come.

Review : this book was beautiful and powerful and everyone needs to read it . This is about Annabelle who has been through a tragedy who decides to run to Washington. Annabelle refers to the guy who caused her pain the taker . So shes running and her grandpa is in a RV meeting up with her on the way . Annabelle meets a guy named Luke he makes a playlist for her . Annabelle talks about the taker who is a creep who becomes obsessed with her after her boyfriend breaks up with her . Shes running and shes grieving because the anniversary of the event has come up . Annabelle is remembering The taker takes her to a concert he kisses her and she doesn't like it he becomes more obsessed with her and then she gets back with her ex boyfriend and the taker gets mad so mad when going to a party with her friends her friend kat and her are dressed very alike and the taker comes to the party with a gun and shoots Will and Kat cause he thought Kat was her . She runs more her grandpa is getting closer to Luke's grandmother. Luke admits he likes Annabelle and he kisses her . She makes it to Washington and then in September she goes to court and she faces him and he gets what he deserves.


It's the people who know you and love you that save you.”

The point is not him being weird or not being weird. The point is that you feel uncomfortable, and you're trying to talk yourself out of it because you think you're supposed to be nice.

Oh, every person is a book with chapters. Some are glorious and some are dark and ugly. Every person survives something.”

Why does anyone do anything impossible? To be bigger than the big bastard. I'm not bigger . Yeah? Who is standing here ? You , or the bastard?

Difference don't matter all that much when you love someone

“Exactly. I’m almost done. Last pages.” “I shouldn’t interrupt, then.” “Hey! You know rule number one. You must be a reader.” “I thought rule number one is ‘Don’t tell the ending.’ ” “Wait. Rule number one: Hate the movie version.” “Probably, all our rules are rule number one. We can get a little hard-core.” “Always judge a person by their shelves. To fold or not to fold the pages.”

She does not read it the way she and Kat used to read books - devouring them with the speed of two people famished for words, ideas, and beautiful sentences that make you feel everything. No, she reads Endurance the way a person might read the Bible - in small passages, repeated again and again, to help her stay grounded. To help her persevere, and understand her place in the world.
She has missed books, but she's been afraid of them, same as music. Books make you feel things hard. They hit the tender spots. Books remind her of her and Kat, but also of her old self, too, the mostly carefree self. The girl who was just so happy to come home from the library with a big stack of new stuff to read. Books were dangerous.”