Book Review: Doctor Dave abby Knox

Doctor Dave - abby  knox
December 3-10

Working the graveyard shift at a local shopping mall isn’t as bad as you think, and 29 year old security guard Millie has plenty of hobbies to help her pass the lonely hours each night. Need a hand-knit animal hat? She’s got you covered. But the best part of her late night job is tuning in to hear bad boy radio personality, Doctor Dave, give out unorthodox dating and sex advice on his live call-in show. With her 30th birthday fast approaching, she’s quickly giving up on finding true love for herself. Tonight, however, she’s giving it one more chance before taking extreme measures. Will dialing up the sexy Doctor Dave finally provide the right prescription?

Review: Milly works security at the mall she is a virgin and she is planning on calling Doctor Dave a radio host who gives advice she loves his voice . There has been some pretzel creep who has been bothering milly. Milly calls Doctor Dave and explains her situation that she's a virgin has very overprotective brothers .Dave is very intrigued by Milly and likes her and ends up getting her off over the phone. Milly notices something and it was pretzel creep who is a psychopath. Dave goes to get milly she stun guns pretzel creep and the police come. Milly and David get a little comfortable and start fooling around. The epilogue includes David has quit radio and Milly and David are married with a baby on the way very cute story.