Book Review : Comfort and Joy abby Knox

comfort  and  joy - abby  knox

November 6
Part Two of the Windy City Holiday Duet!

Joy is a happy little cookie baker in her happy little Cookie Cottage. Every holiday season, she delivers sweet confections and Christmas cheer from one end of the city to the other. One day, she gets a surprise visit from a health inspector who turns her life, her livelihood and her heart, upside down.

Brady is a health code inspector who receives a complaint about a local cookie baker. When he investigates, he comes face to face with his high school crush. The old flames of attraction rekindle, but there’s one problem. He’s bound by law to close her shop until further notice.

Go ahead, take a bite out of this sweet and saucy holiday romance! It’s chock full of Christmas cheer, filthy talk and possessive alpha hotness! I triple dog dare ya!

And don't forget Joy's best friend's story, Pumpkin and Spice, Part One of The Windy City Holiday Duet! It's a deeply satisfying Thanksgiving-themed treat!

Review : This book was so cute I loved the characters this is about Joy who is max's best friend from book one .Brody and Joy went to school together and he had a thing for her now hes a health inspector. This creepy guy who lives next to Joy keeps trying to get him to go out with her so he is a big creep when he reports her to the health inspector and guess who shows up Brody . They catch up and they end up kissing and then he shuts down her business and then tries to save it . Brody and Joy start to get closer and end up having some sexy times . That creep Frank comes back but Brody is going to take care of it he gets her cookie place up to code . And on Christmas he proposes such a cute series .