Book Review: Pumpkin And spice abby knox

Pumpkin and  spice   - abby  knox

November 5-6
Maxine “Pumpkin” Novak is coming home to Chicago to do three things: eat turkey with her family; chill with her best friend, Joy; and avoid all the awful people who gave her that childhood nickname. But a run-in with a dreamy old classmate sidetracks her plans in a heartbeat, and gets her heart pounding.

Bartender Talbot “Stoner” Spice has out-performed his high school epithet and whooped his childhood demons. Dividing all his time between running the neighborhood bar and caring for his widowed mother, he has never seen the need for a serious relationship. That all changes when his high school crush, Max, returns from California and walks into his bar two days before Thanksgiving. She doesn’t know it yet, but she’s not getting away from him again.

Review : this short and cute book was sexy and sweet. Max leaves her hometown after graduating hoping to never see anyone again . Talbot aka stoner has been through a lot hes loved max forever and when she comes back into town he gets his chance to be with her . And they are adorable together. Another advertising company wants to buy max's company and she doesn't want to go back to California without Talbot. Talbot proposes it was so cute max is pregnant with twins such a cute story.