Book review : fruits basket collector's edition vol 6. 11-12

Fruits Basket Collector's Edition #6 - Natsuki Takaya
May 18-20

Tohru should be having the time of her life during summer break at the Sohmas' vacation home...but ever since Akito appeared, Yuki and the others go off every day to meet with the zodiac leader. On top of that, Yuki is acting weird...! And when Tohru encounters the Horse of the zodiac, does that leave Akito as the Rooster?! Later, as the next school term begins, the new student council assembles at last!! While Yuki and those around him are occupied, Tohru secretly visits Kazuma. She wishes to free everyone in the Sohma family from their "curse" and looks to him for a clue...Unexpectedly, however, Rin is poised to hinder Tohru's efforts..

Review: I loved this volume a lot happened kyo has grown so much and hes realized he loves tohru so while on vacation everyone but kyo and Tohru are visiting akito until one days he requests to see Kyo and insults him and Tohru and tells kyo that kyo is probably in love with Tohru. Akito wants to see Tohru but momiji wouldn't let him and Akito hurt him but Tohur protects him and we find out that akito is the God of the zodiac and we meet the last two zodiac the horse and the rooster. The horse rin is Haru's ex girlfriend. Tohru wants to break the curse so she goes see Kyo's master to see if there is anything she can do. Kagura and kyo go on a date kyo and her talk kagura tells him she was ashamed in herself that when she was a kid she ran away from kyo in his true form.Rin tells yuki haru is the reason yuki is living with shiguri haru begged.parent teacher is coming up and shiguri steps in as Tohru guardian and tohru teacher is there who dated shiguri it was a funny scene