Book Review : Snow and mistletoe Alexia Riley

Snow and Mistletoe - Alexa Riley

Dec 19-19

Noelle's voice has captivated Alex, and she's become his greatest obsession. Since he hired her to read audiobooks, listening to her is the only thing that makes his lonely world bearable. Thank God she's never seen him. His scars would only scare her away. 

Alex has starred in every fantasy Noelle's had since she first heard his voice over the phone, and reading erotica samples to him only fuels her desire. Listening to him on the other end of the phone is the best part of her day, and she's willing to do anything to please him. 

On Christmas Eve a storm comes through, sending Noelle in search of her reclusive boss. Once she's at his cabin with no place to go, there's only one way to keep warm. 

Review : This was a cute and sexy story Noelle is a audiobook narrator and she works for alex who she has a thing for but she's never met him and on a storm one night she can't get the file to send so she goes to his house . Alex has a thing for Noelle but he won't ever act on it cause when he lived in New York there was a accident so he has some scaring on his face . So Noelle gets to his house and it's awkward until they have to sleep in the same bed when the power goes out they end up having sex the next morning it was a cute Christmas story .

Quotes :
“I’ll make you so fucking happy, Noelle. I know you’re perfect for me. I’ve listened to you talk for hours on end. You’re it for me. I know it to my core, and I’ll spend every day showing you that I’m it for you. That we belong together.

After all the romance novels I’ve read, I seem to have found my own sweet, brooding, scared hero. I want to keep him, and I want him to want to keep me, too.”