Book Review : Keeping Him Kennedy fox

Keeping him  - Kennedy Fox

Sep 19-22

Jackson Bishop is your typical playboy. 
Unpredictable, charming, and overly confident.

Growing up in Texas, the ranch life is all he’s ever known. Horses and late night partying are his lifestyles, and all the local girls know it too. Riding lessons aren’t the only things taught at the stables, and he makes sure clients never leave unsatisfied. Everyone knows Jackson’s a wild card, but not everything is as it seems. He may be a womanizer on the surface, but he’s hiding deep feelings about the one who’s had his heart since he was a teen. Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as roping her in and claiming her as his.

Kiera Young is well-known for her sassy nature and outgoing personality. Though she’s one of the best horse trainers in the area, she’s never been able to tame her best friend and the man she’s secretly loved since she was fifteen—Jackson Bishop. She’s waited years for him to confess his true feelings but as time goes on, she decides she’s done waiting. Kiera finally meets a man who promises to give her the world, and when he pops the question, she says yes—knowing they’re both ready to settle down and start a family.

Even if her heart beats for another man. 

Jackson’s certain he’s lost Kiera for good and has no one to blame but himself. However, on the day of her wedding, he can’t bring himself to watch the woman he loves walk down the aisle to someone else. Kiera’s already having second thoughts and knows she can’t get married without his support. It’s not until she’s at the altar that she realizes she can’t let Jackson go and will do whatever it takes to keep him—even if it means running out on her own wedding.

Review : the final book in the bishop brothers series was freaking insane I loved it though it starts out with Kiera leaving her wedding then we go to the past to where it leads up to with the letter and Jackson . Kiera's fiance at the time you could tell was emotionally abusive he was controling he has issues with Kiera's relationship with Jackson. And he was hiding things from Kiera like having a child and he didn't even care to have a relationship with said child it was just a issue to him what a fucking dick . He ends up setting a fire in the bishops barn like what a fucking psycho after he got fired cause he assaulted Jackson. on the day of Kiera's wedding Kiera finds a letter from Jackson and I've got to say it made me freaking cry Jackson has never believed he is good enough for Kiera which is bullshit they are so good together so she leaves her wedding and finds Jackson and they talk and kiss and then then end up starting dating it wasn't easy at first cause well her ex fiance is a total piece of shit . But Kiera and Jackson they are freaking adorable together I love them together this was the book I was waiting for I wanted them to be together . The ex fiance tries to kill Kiera and Jackson is there but the ex fiance ends up dying . Jackson proposes to kira and they are also pregnant with twin boys awww so cute and they end up having a girl also a little while later . I loved this series so much .

Quotes : 

Jackson stands, his dick coming back to life. He reaches behind his neck and pulls off his T-shirt. I gaze down his chest and abs, and though I’ve seen him shirtless dozens of times, the sight of his chiseled muscles never gets old. Next, he unzips his jeans, and I wait with bated breath for what’s coming. “Hold back your drool,” he taunts, looking at me with a devilish grin. Jackson pulls his pants and boxers down to his ankles before quickly kicking them off. I’m certain my heart stops beating completely, and I’ve now died and gone to heaven. Jackson’s always followed through with his truth or dare to avoid this very consequence, but for some reason, tonight he’s determined to actually kill me. Torturously. I pull my lower lip into my mouth and bite down. Jackson stands naked in front of me, his dick getting hard, and he’s so close, I could reach out and touch it. Sliding my hands under my legs to keep that very thing from happening, I blink and bring my gaze back up to his mischievous face. “Ready?” His cocky smile has butterflies twirling around my stomach. He bends his arms and puts his fists into his shoulders, mimicking a pair of wings. He then runs around in circles, flapping his pretend wings as he screams ‘bwak-bwak-bwak, I’m a chicken’ over and over until I’m bent over laughing so hard, I’m crying

“Jackson…” I say, trying to gain control of my emotions. “What are you doing?” He swallows, pausing a moment before leaning back and looking into my eyes as if he’s searching for an answer. “Something I should’ve done a long fuckin’ time ago.” Without another breath, Jackson brings our mouths together in a heated and desperate kiss

You’re not mine, but I’ll always be yours. My heart will absolutely shatter watching you marry another man, but I’ve earned it. You deserve all the happiness, Kiera. Even if I’m not the reason for it.

I was never the right guy for you, but you were always the right girl for me. I will always love you, Kiera. —Jackson

“I don’t know how, after all this time, you can't tell us apart. I’m the better lookin’ brother. It’s obvious.”

These days, I’m dodging more women in the grocery store than I’d like to admit and pretending I’m John when it doesn’t work. I’ve got his personality down to a T. Definite perks of being a twin

Colton…” I shout after jumping out of my truck and walking toward him. “You missed me already?” He flashes a cocky grin. “You wish. But we’re going out tonight, so put on your drinkin’ pants.” “My drinking pants are no pants,”

Listen, I told you last time, and I’m tellin’ you again, you ain’t my type, so put your dick away.”

Wow…” John says. “This actually doesn’t suck.” “I’m not just a pretty boy, ya know

“Sometimes I wonder how we can be twins, considering how different we are, but then at other times, I see a lot of myself in you and remember we have more in common than I realize,” John says.

You’re my best friend, Jackson Bishop. You’ll always have a place in my heart.”

I’m not the type of woman to apologize when I haven’t done anything wrong. Never have been, never will be

I see him wearing red silk boxers with black knee socks. “Dude…” I keel over laughing. “What the hell are you wearin’? You look like fuckin’ Santa Claus.”

Emily: Oh and Jackson…if you hurt my friend, I won’t think twice about sneaking into your house in the middle of the night and using a chainsaw to your balls. Jesus. I cup my junk at the imagery. Jackson: I promise to cut off my own balls if that ever happens. Emily: Good. I’ll hold ya to that.

“Oh, haven’t met him yet.” “And you won’t,” Jackson says. “He’s twenty-five and thinks he’s God’s gift to women.” I grin, shaking my head at the irony. “Sounds like someone else I know.” “No, I said he thinks he is. I actually am.

Don’t you bring me into your trouble,” John adds. “I’ve had enough of that the past thirty something years.”