Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku vol 2 - Maki Fujita

 June 12- 16

While the Hiroshi Takashi of hidden rot Narumi and severe Gewota of women being watched to senior couple of Hanakura and Koyanagi
While sending the day-to-day of still, two people in the sense of distance that does not change even when the lover feel the dilemma of love of Otaku unique ...?

Review : I loved the second vol I just love that there really isn't a story line that just talks about being nerdy and the two couples in the story I love them both there was an amusement park date between Hirotaka and Narumi . Noya meets a new friend who tries to help him with gaming Kou and Kou is actually a girl but dresses more like a boy but Noya doesn't know that loved this vol can't wait to read the next one .