Book review: Checkmate This is beautiful Kennedy fox

Checkmate : This is beautiful  - Kennedy Fox

Jan 14-15

Kayla Sinclair is a saint and real life Angel.
She wears her heart on her sleeve and inspires me to be a better person.
Rescuing dogs, feeding the homeless, volunteering at the local food pantry are just a few of the ways she gives back to others, although no one has ever been there for her.
Falling for her was inevitable, losing her will destroy me.

Letting someone in didn't come easy, but she made me want to try for the first time in years.
Her bubbling personality and kind spirit make it impossible to forget a girl like her.
But when tragedy strikes and she loses all memory that our relationship ever existed, my worst nightmare comes to life.

I'll do anything to remind her of the love we shared. I know it'll be an uphill battle, but I won't walk away without a fight. Whoever said all is fair in love and war never played by my rules.

Checkmate, Angel.

Review :The series has ended I loved this series so much in the last book Kayla has lost her memory and it was really hard for her and Logan cause she doesnt remember him and I felt so bad for Logan cause hes so in love with her but she doesnt remember him and they try to make it work but its not working so he ends it . Kayla ends up quiting her job and is planning on starting a no kill animal shelter and one night when she was out with her friends she sees Logans daughter and it triggers her memory and she remembers everything and she goes to logan but his daughters mother answers the door but Logan finds Kayla and they get back together.Kayla has been through a lot through the years and she deserves to be happy. Logan proposes to kayla on Christmas which is her birthday and in the future courntey and her are both pregnant I loved the ending of this series. 

quotes :

Kayla Adele Sinclair, will you make me the happiest fucking man in the world and marry me?”

“I remember,” I tell them. “I remember everything.”

Did I really send you a text message about my bleeding uterus and wanting to eat a glazed donut off your dick?”

“I know you don’t remember me, Angel, but just know I love you deeply and nothing will ever change that.”