Book review kiss him not me vol 1

Kiss Him, Not Me 1 - JUNKO

December 25-25

Hi there! My name is Serinuma Kae.
I’m the kind of girl who loves checking out boys and fantasizing about them getting friendly (and more) with each other—I’m what you might call a fujoshi.

One day, my beloved (yes, he’s an anime character) died, and the shock of it all was more than I could have ever prepared for! My grief over his passing resulted in some ridiculous weight-loss!

And you won’t believe what happened next! Soon after my change, the four most divinely gorgeous boys in my school asked me out on dates! I accepted them all, and you’d think I’d be happy with my sudden popularity, but the truth is, my heart only yearns for a prince to be next to his prince. Ahh, yes, boys, I’d much prefer that you turn your affections elsewhere and KISS HIM, NOT ME

Review : I loved this manga I watched the anime and it was so cute this manga is about kae who loves BL stuff and after her favorite character died she goes into a depression and doesn't come out of her room but she goes from an overweight girl to a thin girl and then she starts getting attention from some boys I love the guys Assume is my favorite cause he liked kae before she was thin. The first part was about her hiding her otoku side in front of the boys but couldn't hold it in but they didn't care . The second part was she was asked to be on the soccer team so her friends help her cause she isn't really good at it but they win . Kae needs to study or she has to take summer classes so Asume offers to help her but the others offer to this one was so funny can't wait to read the rest