Book Review : Haruiro Astronaut

Haruiro Astronaut - Ichigo Takano

July 19-19

Mami and Tomoki have always shared everything in life, they are identical twins, yet so different in character and personality: Mami tender and helpless, courted by boys to whom she doesn't never "no" for excessive kindness, Tomoki with a strong sense of duty and a great spirit of sacrifice, would do anything to see her sister happy. But comes a time, however, when one realizes there are things cannot be shared, especially when it is something extremely rare and unique .... just like an alien?!

Review : This manga was so cute so this is about two twins Mami and Chiki there very different from each other . Yui and Mami start going out but Chiki likes Yui and then there is tatsuaki who went out with Mami and really liked her but it's differnt now he like Chiki and Yui's Childhood friend natsuki consesses to Chiki .but she gets close to tatsuaki who always stands up for her there so cute together she lets down Natsuki she didn't want to hurt she didn't like him that way . She likes Tatsuaki and she tells him so cute I loved it .