Book review : orange vol 2

orange vol  2 - Ichigo Takano

April 20-20

In the Spring she was 16, Takamiya Naho receives a strange, but detailed letter from herself, ten years in the future. At first she thinks the letter is a prank, but then the things written in the letter actually happen, including the new transfer student that sits next to her in class, Naruse Kakeru.
The letter reads just like her diary entries, down to the same characters. It is not till two weeks later, when Kakeru shows back up at school, that Naho finishes the letter.

In the letter, her 27-year-old self tells her 16-year-old self that her biggest regret is that Kakeru is no longer with them in the future, and asks her to watch him closely.

review - the second one was awesome but it made me cry cause we find out kakeru committed suicide in the future but told in a letter to his grandmother to say it was an accident . they go to see the fireworks and it's so romantic and cute and we find out naho friend suwara received a letter to. kakeru was holding onto so much pain from his mother death I loved this one it made me sob though .