Book review : Noragami stray god vol 2

Noragami: Stray God 02  -  Adachitoka

April 14-18


A run-in with Yato the stray god has turned Hiyori Iki, an ordinary, pro-wrestling-loving middle school girl, into an existence that is neither human nor ayakashi! It’s up to Yato’s “divine intervention” to turn Hiyori back to normal, but can Hiyori rely on the spontaneous and wayward Yato to do his job properly? What’s more, the almighty warrior god Bishamonten has sworn revenge on Yato?!

Review- I'm loving this series it just gets better and better in this one Yukine is starting to steal things and Yato feels it . We meet Yato's girlfriend who is kind of a idiot and her shinki she's the god of fortune. Hiyori still has her problem that she falls out of her body and Yato has yet to fix it . We learn anyone who wanted to die can't be a shinki which means they didn't want to die . Then there is the war god Bishamoten who wants to kill Yato cause he killed her shinki so Hiyori goes to get Kouku and Daikoku help which creates a giant hole in the forest this one was crazy I love this series can't wait to see what happens next.