Mud Vein - Tarryn Fisher
People lie . They use you and they lie , all they while feeding you bullshit about being loyal and never leaving you. No one can make that promise , because life is about season , and seasons change . I hate change . You can't rely on it , you can only rely on the fact it will happen . But before it does , and before you learn , you feel good about their stupid bullshit promises . You choose to believe them , because you need to . You go through a warm summer where everything is beautiful and there are no clouds - just warmth , warmth , warmth . You believe in a person's permanence because humans have a tendency to stick to you when life is good . I call them honey summers . I've had enough honey summers in life to know that people leave you when winter comes . When life frosts you over and you'e shivering and layering on as much protection as you can just to survive . you don't even notice it at first . The cold makes you too numb to see clearly . Then all of a sudden you look up and the snow is starting to melt , and you realize you spent the winter alone . That makes me mad as hell / Mad enough to leave people before they left me . That's what I did with Nick . That's what I tried to do with Isaac . Except he wouldn't leave He stayed all winter .
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