November 9: A Novel - Colleen Hoover
Wow . Is he ...
he is
Ben . I say narrowing my eyes . Are you... booksting me ?
he cocks an eyebrow . Booksting ?
Yeah when a hot guy talks books with a girl . It's like sexting but out loud with books instead of sex . Nor does it have to do with texts . Okay , so it's nothing like sexting , but it made sense in my head . He falls onto the bed in laughter . I scoot toward him and place my hand on his chest as I lean over him . Don't stop I tease in a seductive voice . Give me more Ben . Did you read ebooks or... I run my finger slowly down his chest . Hardbacks ? He pulls his hand behind his head and a smug look washes over his face . Oh they were hardback, all right and I'm not sure if your ready for this , but .... I have my very own TBR pile you should see it , Fallon . It's huge .
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