Book Review : Fairy tail vol 3

Fairy Tail Vol. 3 - Hiro Mashima

December 10- January 5


The evil members of the Dark Guild Eisenwald have found a cursed flute that can murder anyone who hears its music–and now they’ve taken over a midtown train station with a very loud public address system. Only Natsu and his crazy friends (including a flying cat) can stop them!

Review - So the dark guild found a cursed flute that can kill anyone when they hear it so the gang has to stop them so they all split up and try to stop it from happening because the station isn't where there planning there planning on using it on the guild masters . Natusu beats the guy but Kage escapes and tries to use lullaby but he doesn't do it but a monster comes out they beat it but cause distruction when they get back Natsu and Ezra are going to fight but Ezra gets arrested .