Book review : fairy tail vol 2 by hiro mashima

Fairy Tail Vol. 2 - Hiro Mashima

December 6 -10

Beautiful celestial wizard Lucy has teamed up with the crazy fire wizard Natsu and his bizarre flying cat, Happy. Their job: to steal a book from the notorious Duke Everlue. But the eccentric Everlue has killed wizards before, and Lucy’s team is walking right into his death trap

Review - I love this world and character's in this story Natsu , lucy and happy are on a job to destroy this book from this creepy old pervert duke who made the author write a whole story about him and then he author killed himself but it turns out it was under a spell and it was a letter to his son . Erza is a new character she is a badass and they are all going on a job together Erza , gray , and lucy to watch out for them there is a dark guild that wants to do this spell called lulaby which would kill allot of people can't wait to read vol 3 this was great .