Book review - Hold on tight

Hold On Tight (Sea Breeze) - Abbi Glines

June 28-30

Six years ago, Dewayne Falco's life changed. He lost someone he never expected to lose. Resigned to punish himself for something he felt he could have prevented, he goes through life without getting too close to anyone.

What he didn't expect was for the girl across the street to move back home and remind him of what they both lost: Dewayne's younger brother Dustin. However, when a miniature version of Dustin opens the door to greet him, Dewayne realizes he might not have lost everything after all.

Sienna Roy loved Dustin Falco most of her life. He was the boy next door, the high school basketball star and her best friend. But when his life was cut short, she realized he left a part of himself behind.

Now, she's back in Sea Breeze, thankful to have a home for her and Dustin's son, but not sure if she can ever forgive the people across the street who abandoned her when she needed them the most — The Falcos.

Betrayal, lies, and forbidden attraction might end Dewayne and Sienna's story before it's even begun.

Review - Now these books keep getting better I was really excited to get into Dewayne's story this involves Sienna who got pregnant with his younger brother's baby and he's also dead and her parents shipped her off I didn't like her parents for that reason alone but now Sienna is back and she isn't excited to see Dewayne one she sent letters a long time ago with pictures from her son's life Micah is adorable he's very protective of his mother and he's only five when Dewayne see's sienna again he's shocked and startled and she isn't very happy to see him cause she thought he knew but when she blurts it out he is more shocked and doesn't know what to say but he wants to get to know Micah he introduces him to his parents / grandparents but only the dad knows so far cause Dewayne told him I loved the flashbacks from high school one thing Dustin was a dick totally different from Dewayne . Dustin got very drunk one night after having sex with a girl he had pregnant and Dewayne was knocking some sense into him and he drove drunk and that's what got him killed . Sienna has liked Dewayne since she was fourteen and he helped her in high school Dewayne liked Sienna also but she thinks he can't be the guy for him but when they kiss it kind of changes things and then they have phone sex wow *fans self * I was so happy that the grandparents got to be apart of Micah's life they didn't get those letters the stupid mother took them ugh I hate her when Dewayne and Sienna finally get together I was so happy and eek they get engaged aww I loved this story .

You’re one of the best men I know. You wear your tats and piercings and those damn leather bracelets that only you could get away with. But inside you are one big teddy bear. When someone you love needs you, there is nothing you won’t do for them. When I needed you, you were always there. I’ve never questioned your heart. It’s made of fucking gold, and we all know it. We laugh at your crude jokes and snide comments because we know they mean nothing. It’s part of your shield. Underneath, I don’t know many men that compare. You’re one of the best, Dewayne. One of the best.”

I couldn't have written a more perfect ending to the story of my life . Because even with all those bad time and moments when I thought things couldn't get worse , the good time and the moments of joy and the love was all so much more . they made it worth it . The journey may not be easy , but when you find the one to take it with , then you can do anything .