We Should Hang Out Sometime: Embarrassingly, a true story - Josh Sundquist
Too late , already worried .
That's because you haven't heard about my boots yet .
um , what i've got a pair of steel-toed boots under my bunk bed in my door , explained kyle . The next time you see Lily , if you don't have have a DTR , I am going to put on those boots and I am going to kick you as hard as I possibly can in your balls.
excuse me ?
You heard me .
You're serious ?
in your balls.
Steel ?
Yes , it's an iron alloy. I'm sure you've heard of it.
Are you joking ?
Do I look like I'm joking ?
He doesn't look like he joking , interjected Brad .
Did I mention I was the starting forward of my high school soccer team ? Asked Kyle . I've got a mean left foot .
The next time I see her ?
or else .
Dude.... I said , incredulous
Steel . Your balls . Think about .
I sighed , surrendering . Okay , you leave me no other
choice . Next time I see her it is .
You do that , my boots stay under my bed .
Thanks , I guess ?
What else are friends for ?
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