Unravel Me - Tahereh Mafi
So what's up with your suit ? I ask him .
What do you mean , what's up with it ? He frowns he runs his hands down his outfit . This suit is badass .
I bite back a smile . I just meant , why are you wearing a suit ? Why do you get one and Adam doesn't ?
He shrugs . Adam doesn't need one . Few people do - it all depends on what kind of gift we have . For me , this suit makes my life a hell of a lot easier . I don't always use it , but when I need to get serious about a mission , it really helps . Like , when I need to blend into a background , he explains , it's less complicated if I'm shifting one solid color- hence the black . And if I have too many layers and too many extra pieces floating around my body , I have to focus that much more on making sure I blend all the details . if I'm one solid piece and one solid color , I'm a much better chameleon . Besides , he adds , stretching out the muscles in his arms , I look sexy as hell in this outfit .
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