Ugly Love - Colleen Hoover
So Miles I say . Let me see if I've got this straight . You haven't had sex in six . years . you haven't had a girlfriend in six years . You haven't kissed a girl in eight hours . You don't like relationships , obviously . Or love. But you're a guy . Guys have needs .
He's watching me , still amused . Go on , he says with that unintentionally sexy smirk . You don't want to be attracted to me , but you are . you want to have sex with me , but you don't want to date me . You also don't want to love me . You also don't want me to love you. I'm still amusing him . He's still smiling . I didn't realize I was so transparent .
You're not Miles , Believe me .
If we do this , I think we should take it slow , I say teasingly I don't want to pressure you into anything you aren't ready for. You're practically a virgin .
He loses his smile and takes three deliberately slow steps toward me . I stop smiling , because he is seriously intimidating . when he reaches me , he places his hands on either side of me ,then leans in close to my neck . It's been six years , Tate . Believe me when I tell you I'm ready . Those all just became my new favorite words , too Believe me and when I and tell and you and I'm and ready . Favorites All of them .
He pulls back and can more than likely tell I'm not breathing at the moment . He steps back to his spot opposite from me He's shaking his head like he can't believe what just happened . I can't believe I just asked you for sex. What kind of guy does that ? I swallow pretty much all of them.