The Indigo Spell - Richelle Mead
You made me summon a dragon ! I exclaimed I most certainly did not , she responded Callistanas are a type of demon . I froze A demon well she amended . A very minor and generally benign kind . I didn't reply for a while Sydney ? are you there ? you had me summon a demon , I replied , voice stiff . you know how I feel about evil and the supernatural . You spent all this time trying to convince me that the magic we do is all for some greater good in the battle against evil , and yet you made me summon a creature of hell. Creature of hell ? she snorted . Hardly . you know nothing about demons . I told you it's benign , didn't I ? callstatans can be very useful . they'll warn you if dark magic is nearby and will even defend you if you're attacked - not that they can do much damage . I wasn't buying it . If they're so useful , then why don't you have one ? oh , well I'm at a level where I can sense dark magic on my own . That , and - if you'll forgive my language - callistanas are a real pain in the ass. they make the most irritating noise when they're hungry . Cats are more than adequate for my needs. page 280