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Ruthless - Gina L. Maxwell
Because there’s no way that of the three offers I had, I managed to accept the one that will make the man I fucked in an alley my boss.
Ruthless - Gina L. Maxwell
I’ve never kissed anyone with a tongue piercing before, but I’m thinking of making it a future requirement

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Ruthless - Gina L. Maxwell

They are going to be working together omg

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Ruthless - Gina L. Maxwell

Ruthless is peirced ;)




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Ruthless - Gina L. Maxwell

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Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku 1 - Maki Fujita

So cute 



Leah on the Offbeat - Becky Albertalli
I'm basically your resident fat Slytherin Rory Gilmore.
From Lukov with Love - Mariana Zapata
Some days I deserved a medal for being so patient with idiots. If only they had a competition for that, I could have won.

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From Lukov with Love - Mariana Zapata

let's do this

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Dear Aaron - Mariana Zapata

So cute

Dear Aaron - Mariana Zapata
Mostly though, Rubes, I want to go back in time and beat every single person’s ass who’s ever made you doubt yourself, because the girl who makes me smile ‘til my face hurts even on a shit day needs to see that in herself. I feel like I owe it to you.” Aaron kissed my temple, and I couldn’t breathe, couldn’t think, couldn’t get my cells to move. My legs were weak. And if that wasn’t enough, he kept going. He kept going. “I was a goner from the first time you gave me hell.” Aaron smiled. “Maybe even before then.”
Dear Aaron - Mariana Zapata
I shrieked. I could be woman enough to admit that I shouted at the top of my lungs the second something brushed my leg in the water. I could also be woman enough to admit that when whatever it was touched me, and I yelled in this high-pitched voice that could have made a dog howl, I jumped. I jumped in the air. I projected myself at the closest thing to me despite being hip-deep in the water. That closest thing being six feet two inches of man named Aaron. Except at that point, Aaron hadn’t been facing me or had his back to me, we had been practically beside each other, and it was only his lightning-quick reflexes at hearing me shout that he managed to catch me right before I barreled into him.

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Dear Aaron - Mariana Zapata

Ruby checking out aaron

Dear Aaron - Mariana Zapata
Looking back on it, it’s weird thinking about the moments you don’t realize are important. The sentences, the touches, the actions that seem so innocent in that second, you take them for granted. The words that make water into wine in the course of your life. But I would never forget the way his words made me feel. The way he made me feel right then. I had no idea. “I’m really happy you came, you know that, right?”
Dear Aaron - Mariana Zapata
You’re gorgeous,” I said to him almost painfully, prying the words out. “Like… the army should put you on their recruitment ads or put you as the face on their website. I feel like I can’t look you in the eye or I’ll turn into stone, and they’ll need to add my statue to a garden of other women who have made eye contact with you before and lost their lives.” Aaron just stared at me for a moment, just a moment, and slowly that wavering smile turned into a full-fledged one, one with straight white teeth and warmth to it that couldn’t be faked, that could have had angels singing and playing harps in the background. “You smile a lot more than I thought you would,” I kept going. “You said you never really smiled while you were over there.” “I don’t usually smile so much,” was his cryptic answer. I scratched at my neck again and watched him, nerves making a nest in my belly. Anxiety prickled at the center of my chest, and so, so hesitantly I said, “I was worried you were going to be disappointed meeting me.” Those brown eyes seemed to twinkle a little, his eyebrows shaping, his mouth doing that turning thing like he was trying to stop smiling. My hands were starting to get itchy. But then he said the words that made a dozen more butterflies explode into existence. “I’m really damn happy to see you, Ruby.” His voice was quiet, not hesitant but more cautious. “I look at you and I can’t stop smiling. That’s all. You’re adorable.”
Dear Aaron - Mariana Zapata
I’d thought about it. He could basically look like a troll and chances were, if he was as wonderful in person as he was online, I would still be in love with him. Beauty fades, a good personality and chemistry doesn’t.

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